Panic Attacks

It started in my chest
Igniting my lungs in a raging ball of fire
I couldn't help the scream that came tumbling out of my mouth,
Deafening anyone or anything near me
It hurt. Oh god how it hurt
The blazing inferno consumed what seemed like my whole chest
And I screamed and screamed,
But no one heard
It was as if my voice,
My echoing shouts of pain,
Could only be heard inside my head
A cold and unsettling numbness crept its way up my arms,
Sending waves upon waves of unwanted shivers down my spine
And then it stopped
Every agonizing feeling that had leeched itself onto my being
The only thing left was a dull pounding at the back of my head
I wasn't breathing,
I couldn't
I feared that any movement would send me back
Back into the chaotic hell that had overtaken my body
I opened my eyes
You were there, sitting but a few inches away
The hurricane that had embedded itself into
Single pore of my skin faded away
My panic attack

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