Panic of first meeting

Made plans to meet for the first time, in the year we've been together long distance.
started counting the months till it was down to days,
growing closer the excitement come outta of no where in the night,
that wasn't only feeling I felt; Suddenly they all came like a flood,
Scared, nervous, terrified, happy, each emotion colliding with other,
my mind all jumbled up, stomach twisting and knotting feelings sick,
here come the the butterflies tickling the stomach,
racing up into the heart back to the excited part.
The hour turn into minuets, time counting down rapidly it around the corner.
I wanna scream to release the tension, feeling like it will do nothing.
The moment is here the time to meet my soulmate.
Is he the one, will he like me.
Heart beating so fast I think I gave myself headache with the stress.
Why is the first the meeting the hardest.
I know I like him but my mind is panic.
Heart fears for the worst.
I can do this. We're in love. aren't we!?

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