He was enchanted
He was overjoyed
He was so proud of his little girl,
The greatest miracle that means the world
He held her hand,
And she got his heart until the end.
‘Papa! Papa!’
Her first word instead of Ma.
‘Papa! Papa!’
She ran to him, and not Mama.
At night he plead,
‘Protect her God, that’s all I need.’

She was six
He was thirty six
‘Papa is not home yet, darling.’
‘But I want Papa to sing.’
The door opened
And her smile widened
He was her hero when her heart touched by sorrow.
‘Hush-hush baby, Papa is near.’
She put her head on his shoulder
Wishing the moment could last forever.

She made him proud,
He screamed her name out loud.
She saw tears,
Suddenly losing him became her fears
She grasped his old hands
Thanking him for all he spent
His heart smile
Knowing it all was worthwhile.

How fast time flies
From the moment he heard her first cries
She got busy
Forgetting that he, too was aging endlessly
‘Hello, baby. It’s been a while since you last came home’
‘Sorry, Papa. I’m going to Rome.’
Less word spoken
Less time given
Little that she know
Her hero was grieving in sorrow

She called him one day
Telling him she will be home on Friday
To the market he went
Chanting ‘my baby’s home’ as he spent
He was the happiest
He was the busiest
Smiling from ear to ear
Fear nothing when she’s near
She held his hands again
Sending promises that loves remain
To her hectic life she returned
There he stood again, behind the curtain.

It was a cold morning
She remembered having trouble breathing
A quiet voice on the line
Telling her to clear her mind
Scattered papers on the floor
She rushed out of the door
‘sorry Papa I wasn’t there’
She cried and screamed, ‘life is unfair’
He went far, far away..
Wailing, crying, calling him to stay.

‘I love you, Papa, I do’
‘I’m sorry I put other things above you’
She wished, she could love more
She wished, she could say more
But, he left
She did know for sure
What will happen in the future
She sent her hopes and cry
There’s a heaven past the sky

Years passed by,
Haunted by feelings, she could only cry.
If only, do not apply
As times cruelly fly.
Now it is time to return his favour
Bless him, God, in the hereafter
The best prayer a daughter could deliver.

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