Paper Bag Heart

We're sitting on the beach
dipping french fries into ketchup.
The sand is slipping through my toes and
the sun smiling on my shoulder blades.
You are looking at the ocean and
I am staring at your mouth.
The wind is strong and takes umbrellas like a thief in
the night.
The wind is unashamed, and before we know it steals
the bag of fries, moving the paper out of our reach.
A swarm of seagulls pounce on it, they are screaming
Mine! Mine! Mine!
They shred the bag into pieces and I want to scream
Stop it!
That is ours, didn't anyone tell you that you shouldn't touch
what is not yours?
But the words never come out and
even if they did seagulls cannot
understand humans anyway.
Instead we are sitting on the beach dipping our
fingers into the sand because our
love was in that bag and the world
ripped it out of our hands
and even though the bag says
recyclable, we both know
it is lying.

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