Paper city

Silent becomes the town aggrieved by the scorching sun
Such that the birds could hear their very own wings flap
A city inhabited by motionless poles
Papers, birds and trees Seems to be the only inhabitants always in motion
Idle technology thirsty for its creator
Creates a much darker reflection just as the sun set
Deserted by men in search for life pleasures
Later occupied by same men now lead by fate
A beautiful city void of no treasure
A perfect landscape for eternal true love
For the trees chant the mantras of truth
And the birds sing the hymns of peace
The spoils of loneliness creates a musk fragrance.
In a part where the living and the dead tread with utmost care
Afraid of being caught amidst their own fears
Just like the trails of the wind remains unnoticed
The travails of the paper city is forever lost in the heart of Man.

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