I have sought the answer of the question that has riddled time:
Why have we been given life and what does it take to become alive?
To see is not enough, if just through these mortal eyes;
The answer lies in the wind, the holy breath of the divine
So, when the sun shines on you, take your time to feel it's grace:
Let the warmth tickle your soul, let a smile dance on your face
Always know you are in good hands,
a guardian angel rests on your shoulder;
A constant reminder that you are precious in the eyes of our beholder
And that uneasiness you feel at times,
when you are unsure of your direction:
Remember, that people see your actions,
but only God sees, too, your intentions
But life's most puzzling enigma, still lies in our creation;
The universe is a beauty laid out for us,
simply because the heavenly seek our admiration
We were endowed with our lives, so to experience Godly delight:
To roam through fields of flowers, at day
To roam through arenas of stars, at night
It is not wrong to be hedonists and live in the pursuit of pleasure
To consider this world a paradise and our stay here, just for leisure
Our spirits and souls are everlasting,
this journey just one chapter of their story
So the reason for our stay here is simple:
We've been blessed with time to marvel at our own glory.

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