Paradise Island

By Da Poet   

As darkness gave way to light, the warmth of the sun just right.
A brisk, tropical breeze rolling in off the shore, through the door
gave birth to pleasant memories yet once more.

Spontaneous acts without thought, caught up in feelings which no one sought.
No pre-mediated schemes, no well thought out plans, just care free emotions
is how it all began.

It t'was like paradise, if you can imagine heaven; as our hearts skipped a beat,
I believe it was #11.

A breathtaking peace settled in on the land, as we lay on the beach in the
tropical sand. This could only happen in the movies or so we thought,
God created a masterpiece which couldn't be bought.

Pristine, clear waters, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and you by my side
puts my mind at ease. This peaceful serenity will always last, was only two
weeks long, now a thing of the past.

And as this special moment came to an end, I can't help but think back to
where it all began.

So I'll write you this heart poem, and let all the world know, these memories
forever etched in my heart to the bottom of my soul.

Gone but not forgotten.


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