Paradise Proposal

Dwell on the crisp night with a fresh sent of morning dew.
To the first peak of the devil's eye.
Reminiscent apon a new loves touch.
Like the the stroke on a canvas from a Picasso brush.
It's magical image though.
You with blanket eyes in a exotic land.
Cool kissed sand with me in your hand.
Smothered by God's light breeze hand.
Infants mind with nothing but ocean's cry.

With waves of good by.
So we know the tide will not drown out our parade.

New hearts beat to the same song.

The melody is like a tune that we knew all along.

Destiny oblong not perfect but I love it just the same.
Because nothing is.
Say good by to fair well days.
Eternity lives here now and hot is nothing to our inferno's blaze.
Blades couldn't cut deeper than my army of pain invades.
So please don't betray my heart. Yours truly. ........

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