Parallel Summer

Ice cold waterfalls in September,
watch your step or your gonna fall.
Warm rain dilutes the kitties milk,
but they lap it up anyway because it's food.
Playin' Mommy back in the woods,
my blood, my love, my closest all tumble,
and splish splash it's cold.
Oh Allen the mangled suckling that she is
there nursing away at Orangeys fur cuz she misses Mama's milk.
On the top of the waterfall my foot does
and there is nothing for my hand to catch,
but they always got me covered.
Black Jack Kerouac lay in my yard so abstract
and where is Cassidy now?
At the bottom of waterfall I count rhythmically,
"nine hundred ninety nine thousand..
nine hundred ninety eight thousand. "
Bonkers has lost it cuz she and Cassidy are curled up
like one colorful mass of fur on a black and white TV.
We walk away from the waterfall,
the cats head for the barn,
all good things must come an end.

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