You want us to say sorry ?! Why ?
Didn't you watch the news last night..
Didn't you know when they said 5"5 caucasian male
wearing shorts and a t-shirt
they'd look for anyone that fit that description?
It's not our fault he ran ... so what the officer chased him,
so what Tanner got tired, turned around arms up and they still fired.
Didn't you know that by law we call that resisting?
You want us to say sorry for killing your boys ?
As if their mothers don't have the ability to have more ?
And if they couldn't it's not like they don't have money to adopt
Orpay for a surrogate or something.
You think we don't know that you don't like us ?!
As if we asked for black privilege
As if we can't see that everything we want and need
is at our disposal
As if we can't see that this world belongs to us
As if we really have to work
To fight
To hustle and break our backs for anything!
As if letting you in the house decades ago from the field
wasn't enough!
You should be glad we aren't hanging you anymore
Glad you aren't in the field all day long
Glad you can vote
And walk the streets freely
Be glad that you were in office that one time
Be glad they don't run out of soil to bury your kids
and you better be glad this is just a metaphor

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