By RS   

intersection intersex imagery imagines inadequate--
ideas in impersonal juxtaposition juxtaposing unfortunate events chronicling bibles detailing the deaths the depths the dates
as an anecdote that illustrates the ideas of pain a caricature of corporate cacophony
another way of feeling an alternative to remembering an antidote to asexuality, sex--
states of synapses surrounding someone's salutes to the sun in summer. melt like
melancholy margarine-- metamorphism into metahumans, memories of
my mother's children choosing charlatans and choo choo trains in the tenor of pain. a
major key a minor lock A major E minor play your tenor trembling teeth through
temptation to three two one- stop. see, she's stumbling on streets in sheets in shadows showing
someone shuddering. her hair hangs heavy head
bobbing be brave better save face first place final horse race jeering jockeys jumping
through tunnels, threading threads of speed through their need never needing
nothing more no more may come stay silent stay
violent stay in the same vein same shame
same lane.

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i've never posted poetry before so I don't know if i'm any good or not, but if you like, let me know! :) i just write anything that comes into my head and it always comes out a little weird. not sure if in a good way or not. honest critiques are appreciated.