Questioning feelings that lay deep inside Terrified to make a move forward or in reverse
-it's not just pride that's mortified-is cursed!
Fear-filled, faltering, afraid and alone
Wanting desperately not to be seen
A frozen body within stone.
No strength, no tone
Unable to bend or shake things off
Wasting muscle, skin and bone
Inaudible… a moan escapes
In Cheynne-Stokes groan
Revealing life remains intact
But bearably known
Unequipped to mastermind a plan to show
All the rest and any left success on one's own,
Of sound mind, mindfulness
That’s scattered all confidence
No defense, just restlessness and fear- Regretting what was once held so dear
Being shattered beyond recognition
Unknown time required for reconstruction
The heart, congested by such tears,
Has left it paralyzed
Yet realizing it is alive-it will survive
To be revived again.

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