After so long you can't seem to function,
Everything you do seems like the last,
And you feel like you're almost dead.

You can't be home alone anymore,
Every little sound you hear,
You think someone broke in.
You can't go outside at night now,
The shadows always lurking around,
Causing you to think someone's there.
And you can't even close your eyes,
Because you don't want to hear voices,
But you can't seem to escape them.

They decided maybe it'll be best,
To send you to a mental institute,
And lock you away in an empty room.
They all always say the same thing,
"It's for your best we want you safe",
But really they want themselves safe.

Because that room with white walls,
It doesn't help you get better one bit,
You're still living in a state of paranoia.

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