Pardon My Narcissism

I often think the leaves grow just for me,
crumple for others.
Who knew that the seasons were for all,
after all,
there are only four.
Moreover, my door knob knows the touch of different hands too well.
Inside there should only be one scent. Me.
Why are there so many scents? So many shadows. So many tints.
The dog can't just play with anyone can it?
His tail wags for ever trespasser who barges their way in.
Funny how that reminds me,
copious lovers mirrored that excitement.
For myself. And anyone.
Smiles will be present with serenity.
That's it. Nothing more.
Every time I smile though,
guilt lives behind the corners.
For I am aware the world is not my very own home.
One cannot simply resist the feeling of entitlement,
but remorse will spring forth to accompany it.
We should all know right and wrong by now.
That doesn't make adhering to the right choice any easier.
The mind is selfish in ways no one man can understand.
For you'll only know sorrow when you feel it.
You'll only know thankfulness when you receive.
And you'll only know freedom when you have it.

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