No one in the world love you always,
Not everyone is sincere for what they say,
Some people have masks on their face,
But,parents support you in your every race.
They took your care since you were a child,
You did many mistakes but they were always kind,
They are getting old,You think they have lost their mind?
Someone as precious as them,You can never find!
They make your decisions,They know the right,
But,you never get it and always fight,
Remember,When you don't even know to walk?
They helped you and they were your guide.
when you were sick ,they stayed up all night,
When you requested for something ,they said "All Right",
Whether you need them ,they are always at your side,
Now they need you ,Can't you see the tears which they hide?
Remember the time they gave you ?
Remember all the money they spent on you?
Remember all the problem they faced for you?
Remember all the hard work they did for you?
Now why don't you give your 5 minutes to them?
Why can't you talk a little bit to them?
Why can't you spend some money on them?
They show their love,Why can't you then ?
They need your attention,they are getting old,
Try to see that they are as precious as gold!
Take care of them before it's too late!
What you do ,you get it back from your fate.

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