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She sits alone at night
Looking for that light
Waiting for that text
Wondering what's next
Maybe this is it
Might be time to quit
She can barley take a breath
She's always thinking about death
Maybe she could fall
that would end it all
But she doesn't wanna fly
She wants to die
Maybe she could just hide
All because you lied
She wants this to be her last
So you better make it fast
Maybe she could smile
It's been quite a while
Since she was really happy
I mean her life's kinda crappy
I know it's really strange
But maybe it'll change
maybe she'll be fine
Because no one wants to hear her whine
But her lungs are compressed
She just so depressed
Yet she keeps it a secret
Because she knows it's a weakness
So she might as well drown
They'll just push her down
So I'm sorry if you know me
this isn't even the full story

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    This Poems Story

    This tells a story about a little part of my life, my family.