Part of Me, an African Queen

Black, black, black
This is the color of my skin the color I have learned to love
To love and embrace
My wide hips,big lips,and long slender fingertips
Are all part of me
My kinky hair
With so many spirals and curls
The hair you say is untamable
This hair is a part of me
That I happen to love no matter how much you may not
The blackness that I have learned to embrace
The blackness that this society loves to copy
My wide hips,big lips,and slender fingertips
Am an African queen
That will triumph overall with my kinky hair
With all of all of its spirals and curls
That I have learned to tame by letting them free
With the blackness of my skin in all of its blackness
That I have embraced
And I love
Black, black, black
Wide hips, big lips, and slender fingertips
Kinky, curly, spirally
This all me
An African queen who has finally accepted her throne.

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