Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Sun is setting and the fields have grown tall
Amber hues of evening have begun to fall
I began my pilgrimage, never wanting to leave
This sheltering cradle earth, to which I was received
But I have learned to stand and walk, and even to explore
And as always, growth commands a sending thrust forth
So journey I have, through meadows of grass soft with scent sweet
Trodden through many a bramble that often bloodied my feet
All the while coveting paths with no desire for their end
Hoping not to find myself home as I rounded each bend
Yet now to the weariness of travel, I do succumb
Anxious for these vagabond days to finally be done
Still, those who walk beside me, those whose trails I cross
Those hazy on direction, and those who appear lost
Help me forget my coat be ragged and my shoes be worn
For good conscience gives pause, when given chances to warn
My eyes search for the home to which I'll take my rest
The light in the window to guide if sun has set
But how can I lift that latch, or take ease once in the door
Or wrap arms around loved ones, if my embrace could have held more?

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