party boys

I know my friends will end up with the wrong guy here,
if only I could prove a point to them before the lies,
they don't care, they never will,
the body, the hair, the proportions,
to them it's all a distortion.
The man they see is nothing but a child
they haven't reconciled, they never will,
Undeserving of a name, listen it's a game
there's nothing I can do but write.
He's got his fist ready,
I got my pen ready.
Strength over words but truth over lies.
I'm going to write something that'll bust up his
brand new chevy.
Nothing but a poor excuse of a man,
date rape, nudes, the fall of trash cans,
but can it fall further?
The fervor is lost, the end has come,
nowhere to turn but to recite the Lord's prayer.
They say chivalry is dead but in hindsight
did it every exist?
Are the men i've longed for destroyed?
we are left with nothing but party boys.

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