Party House

I remember when I was young
Me and my brother we had some fun
Now all the girls in our town
Used ta come over and hang around
At the Party House
The Party House

We would by them all their brew
And we would do other things too
All the boy's caught on fast
Before you know it they make a dash
For the Party House
The Party House

Then one night things got a little hairy
So we thought we would make them scary
Turn out the lights and hold on tight
We gonna have a free fore all tonight
At the Party House
The Party House

You may not think this story true
You don't believe me Ask brother Blue
He was there to see it all
He was the one who started the free fore all
At the Party House
The Party House

Man you should of see the things we use to do
Aw you wouldn't believe it with your own two eyes
No body ever got hurt
All except that varsity football player
When Billy done stole his girl friend
Sure glad he didn't find out about me

© Rick Rhythm Williams
1990 P.H.P

Author Notes
this song went out all over the place and was covered by two other bands

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