Pass On

Turn your gaze and pass on by
There is no need to pierce our sky
Intelligence here will not be found
Things are grim upon the ground

Yes it's true, our world is blue
A sphere in space, with azure hue
Now groups deny the curve we're on
Claiming flat we live upon

Empty orange heads are chosen
To speak for ones who's brains are frozen
Sense it seems no longer common
Years of research now forgotten

Virus spreading East and West
Plain to see we failed the test
In awe we stand how easily
Our system fails, how can this be?

Great bear's head in neighbor's wheat
Children fleeing rubbled street
Sunflowers bend but will not break
War is waged with news that's fake

Nations build so-called deterrent
To excess , so at the current
Our planet it may cease to linger
With only one misplaced finger

Upper crust hold pearls and gold
While other's bread it turns to mold
Water sprinkles on the grass
World three struggles for a glass

Poison spews into the air
Consumers buy without a care
Choosing to deny the warning
Experts give about the warming

Plastic islands, single use
Ocean life endures abuse
Species soon to disappear
Making barren sea and air

Civilization like a cancer spreads
Falsehoods pumped into our heads
Build and build it is our goal
The economy our purpose sole

So, continue on your search to find
Intelligence of some kind
Leave us here to self-destruct
And on your search, we wish you luck.

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