I'm addicted to your beauty,and offended by your confidence.
I only want to see you fail but i shower you with compliments.
You remind me of all my flaws;my secrets and aspirations.
The unbelievable height of all my expectations.
I try to convince myself that what i'm thinking is absurd,
but all my rational reasoning has suddenly been blurred.
My curiosity turns to anger, and my brow produces sweat.
All this power you have over me and we've never even met!
No smile. No wave. Not even a glance.
Your existence involuntarily puts me in a trance.
I wont remember your face, or how stylish you were.
How the voice in my head got choked up and would slur.
Once you're out of my sight; you are out of my mind.
This whole fantasy was just a fraction of time.
Someone else will pass by into my line of danger,
and by then you'll be just a slightly above average stranger.

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