Passing by a Cemetery

Passing by a Cemetery

Passing by a cemetery on a warm Autumn day
Could not but notice the shiny marble slabs
And names inscribed on markers of gray

Or the quietness of this solemn site
Hiding with stillness tears and hurts
For love ones gone into the night

Yet I shudder as I ponder a Cemetery’s view
Summers came and left and in its’ stead
The golden glow of Autumn’s hue

To paint with beauty a new landscape
While blades of grass in transformation wait
To sleep til spring summons again
From what seemed dead to me the soul of man

The sunlight taps and reflections shine
On yesterdays’ memories far left behind
Seasons change, flowers bloom, grass renew
But slabs of grey they retain identities true

Strangely a cemetery reveals no shame
And a sense of relief overcomes me too
Seeing how I did not read my name

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