Passion is a strong thing that
unleashes itself slowly
I have it hidden somewhere
underneath layers of lost love and neglect
I feel it from time to time when an
idea so explosive and free crosses my mind

when I look into the eyes of my
future reflected in my children
I touch it for a moment in awe at their
wise wisdom and youthful goodness
My passion?
It sleeps quietly and
I'm smart enough to leave it alone
Why awaken a giant?
Fear you say, well maybe you're right
Once unloaded how can I tidily put it
away again

I let it out once, but it was out of control
it consumed me and overruled me and
I had no grasp or hold
So it sleeps now deep inside me
it rests ever so peacefully, sometimes if
I'm not careful it likes to peep out and
see the world

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