Passion of Rosaline

Upon the fairest night my lady speaks not to me but to the stars of the Heavens the two most magnificent stars that do shine more brightly than all others come to her and ask that her eyes may sparkle in their place if they cannot be seen oh my Rosaline. Always do I dwell in a room consumed though when she enters such a room my darkness does yeild to her light. Light greater than the fairest stars in all the Heavens the feel and touch of her hands as soft as a cloud for she is a Goddess among all women as a snowy Dove is seen at its truest beauty whilest among an unkindness of ravens. When I look in her eyes I see the beauty of a starry sky the beauty of winter and the warmth of summers day oh Rosaline. She shines more brightly than the sun. It is said that the most magnificent light is that of the sun and moon but all light is dull when I see Rosaline shine through.

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