Passionate Destiny

Passionate Destiny
Nothing is not something to be.
Broke & unemployed, for a year that was me.
Any friend who cares can see.
A mutual connection to give that part of me.
I envision a stable happiness of harmony.
A peace that is free.
A trusting love that's true that is he.
Big hearts & thoughtful minds that is we.
No secrets to find, no mysteries to untwine.
No regrets to rewind.
No promises to bind.
Nothing to hide.
Open book. Open wide.
A friend to confess & confide.
A journey & path to guide.
Prayers answered.
Whispered desires.
Untamed flames & passionate fires.
No untold lies.
Friends money can't buy.
No unanswered Questions of why.
No broken hearts that cry.
All that is true & fair.
Nothing pursued or dared.
Someone real to care.
A meaningful stare.
A loving heart, an honest feeling, a true passion.
A faithful promise.
A heart felt respect.
No one needs to correct.
An erased debt.
A winning bet. A reunion met. A commitment to get. A destiny & fate to let. A loving loyal pet. A plan to set.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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