Passionate Feeling

The wonders of feeling passionate as our time tick is as precious as a rare clock.
The way we feel about one another is contagious, which totally blows our minds.
As our maturity definitely brings forth fruit.
It's not something that can be controlled deep from within.
But we all know at some point it will happen.
We're oftentimes passionate about showing off our summer looks.
Or the same passionate feeling about cars or the same feeling about hookups.
There's much beauty in our dna & that's what it's all about.
Growing & reaching in our full potential & it seems right on schedule.
Knowing all the little boys will grow into men.
And all the little girls just waiting to become grown women.
No science, no analysis & tests can specify that.
Like with any season, we all have questions, like love & passion & where it comes from.
What can we say, life sometimes gives us lemons like it or not.
It's just another perfect opportunity to be happy & to be passionate about something.

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    This Poems Story

    This poem encourages us all to love who we really truly are in spite of many who do not love themselves & to find something in our lives that makes us truly happy & fully passionate about.