Passionate Nightmare

It's a story of passion
Like intertwined from a dream
Some say it was a beautiful. magical thing.

He was exotic. a rare creature swimming in the deep
She was hypnotic. a goddess wild and free
He had layers of fresh scars, they healed over pain
She has her past, heartbreak conditioned her to be a certain way.

It's a lesson of hope
A web weaved within unbridled realities
It's lies, deceit, a slight destruction of humanity.

Through surrounding eyes the sky is cloaked black
Things seem simple and peaceful, but they are not that
The cries of the fates--the sad ones that knew of the past
Might visit them, and guide their souls in death: slowly yet fast.

It's a vision. it's desolated
A history of fighting. fighting for love. I'm fighting for you
Tortured memories not just one but a few
Crashing sounds: trembling grounds: ruptured debris flying around
He is an exotic creature swimming deep.
She is a bound woman no longer free.

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