Passions Ache…

All that I am now is not what you see
If it were true love back then
Then today would always be
We would have grown and changed as one
Each breath we would have exhaled in unison
Our loves creation though produced two children
But they have grown and have moved on
Now the first wonderful half of my life is gone
I have pined over this day for many years
And I know what I am about to say will bring you tears
I have oscillated between love and hate
But have stayed only for our children’s sake
A passion burns inside of me
Many flavors of desire
I can no longer put off these feelings
The kindle is now a fire
Raging emotions awakening from my depth
I want to feel a lover’s breath
Deep and long drawn in…stirring up my soul
Feel the curves of her body
Quivering pleasure out of control
I want to fall in love again
Fall in love with a woman’s smile, her eyes, her zest and playful side
Feel life and real longing and see it in her eyes
When I do come across her a reflection I will see
Of what has been hidden in my heart for what seems an eternity

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