Past is Past and Future is You

I ain't perfect and my life ain't perfect either
Truth is we all have a past that we have to leave with
Its not important when it comes to starting a relationship
cause truth is it just will ruin us and we might not make it
What I'm trying to say is I love you and you are my future
Let's not worry or focus in our past cause there no longer with us
Let's just focus on us and what we can become
See my feelings for you are really strong
I'm saying this cause I know deep down inside your my one
The one whose gonna love me and never do me wrong
I feel it when we make love together and I want you to know your my world and I want us to be and last forever
So please don't let my past get in our way like I said we all make mistakes
And truth is its for us to learn and to do right with the right one

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