Past, present and future

I heard a bird on my window sill
It was saying words that were loudly shrill
I listened to hear what else it might say
And I haven’t forgotten to this very day
The world is in chaos, we know this is true
Abandoning values is not a good thing to do
But the younger generation feels they are exempt
They dislike responsibility and all ownership
The bird moaned again as it’s feathers fluffed
This was a sign of its total disgust
And suddenly it looked me straight in the eye
It made a loud squawk and one final sigh
I knew what that meant as it rose to fly
Cease the protests, hostility and ongoing lies
Our country must unite and once again soar
Like the good old days that some still deplore
But now is the time like never before
And rewards will be worth the effort for sure
The bird circled above for one final time
To ensure I’d received the message sublime
When working together we can prevail
Now it’s time for humans to flounder or sail

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