Past situations

Feel like I’m in jail
Like I’m way past livid
I been way fast timid
Can’t describe this feeling.

One minute I’m here,
one minute I’m not.
Praying to God but
This shit it won’t stop.

Needa be punching a clock
Thinking bout clicking a glock
I got issues yeah we all do
But I’m feeling real under you.

Never tried to be something I’m not
Never tried to take anyone spot
I been the best at, no bed rest
And this the same shit for years

And ain’t crying out no more tears!
I really sat and faced all my fears!
Roaches falling,
days of starving,
daddy I’m callin
Thank you,
sorry no favors

I’m the strange one, the untainted
Yeah you came close
but don’t know what I’m thinking
Expected the worse,
But you did it while thinking

Move with my heart.
Never to hurt you
You sometimes play a part
I am a shark !

Bite down, catch the wave
Roll it up, still faded
That’s a past situation

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This Poems Story

I basically get in these moods, where I feel completely hopeless. Sometimes almost as if I’m going to die I don’t express myself, or let everything out. This was one of those moments, and I just let everything out.