Paternal Abandonment

Paternal Abandonment
One day your there the next day your not.
My life hasn't been how I had thought.
I remember everything for me you had taught.
For us not much you ever bought.
Our rapist you never fought.
Growing up we didn't really have alot.
In the grave pedofiles need to rot.
Everything I seek I have sought.

Because of the events that transpired I loathe.
From then on I always slept in clothes.
Do few photos together we had posed.
I remember naps daily you would doze.
Like a thorned rose resentment froze.

You were always proud of us.
Even though for years we took the bus.

You were my only real dad.
The times we had shared made me glad.
Your death in 2009 made me sad.
In the past things happened to us that were bad.
At least until age 10 for us a Dad we had.
"Mom" divorcing you made us mad.
Child molestor wore a flannel shirt of plaid.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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