By Slay   

I have to take this walk by myself
Learning how to be a man
I was never taught but always coached
so many words of wisdom but can't really feel the bond
I feel weak in areas I should be strong
I'd cried once and it made me bitter
I'd argued once and it made him bitter
Why me
Why you left me
when the time comes i craved to raise a king
Come here prince
I wanna let you know that I love you
You can ask me for anything and I'll try my best to give it too you
I'll give you a best friend and a role model
I'll show you the ropes how to obtain your own model
I'll do things you want to do
I want you too to always respect women and listen in class
Girls can wait but have fun
Be honest and true
You’ll find a wife soon
Don’t fall for looks
The pretty ones are always crooks
The goofy relationships are the best
Find a best friend to ride into the sunset
I'll never leave you I'm only a phone call away
From the moment you open your eyes
I heard my heart for the first time
I felt my soul cry
My little man
A diamond in the sand
A pearl in a clam
My grand slam
You’re going to be better than me
Guide you like the man above did for me
This path goes far beyond your eyes can see
I'll show you how to be a man take this walk with me

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A story of a father love for his son