this poem begins with how a girl tried to find
the perfect antidote to leave all pain behind
she tried everything she could even therapy
but all it did was make the girl unhappy
she was about to give up hope
when she found what could save her
music was the passion, the answer to her prayer
for music is an art, a therapy in disguise
for the lyrics are her medicine
and to her its what implies
each word meant something meaningful
and sang deep down to heart
for now she understood music is the missing part
she had walked day and night and followed that beat
felt the earth and the warmth of the ground
beneath her feet
she spent hours listening to her favourite tune
and if she wasnt so deep in thought
she would be staring at the moon
she loved the stars and how they danced in the night
she was deeply in love with earth
as she was goddess of the light.

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