Pathway to Beyond

Pathway to Beyond

I: Depression
Taken apart piece-by-piece is the way Depression leaks,
First Pride leaves, then Dignity follows with the shoes stripped from her feet.
At that moment when all defense is absent,
And Fear sits high on his throne,
Depression’s voice can seep within,
To say, “This world is not your own.
In fact, to say you live at all is laughter at its source,
No, my friend, this time it ends, without the slightest ounce of force.”

“Produce for me one single reason why I should set you free,
You still think these people love you? Ha! You think they’ll tolerate your pleas?
Oh, sweet lover, it will be alright;
I can ease your pain.
You need only ask and I will at last,
Make this unhappy life fade.
I promise one day you’ll thank me, once you’ve given me your all,
But first you must do as I say; surely the price is plenty small.”

II: Hopelessness
The tears of those without control are drained of all their hope,
Hopelessness whispers of a better world and she teaches of the rope.
“Take down these walls you’ve build.
Abolish Joy and Counsel.
I am the god of your world,
Not He who made Depression able!
I can rid you of Depression’s voice, and take you from the dark,
But you must give that soul to me, I care nothing of your heart.”

“No, dear human, there is no hope, and there’s never been at all.
Why have faith in something that maybe catches you when you fall?
Hope is nothing more
Than the lies of Confidence.
You won’t need him anyhow,
Once I have you in my hands.
Abandon now this slipping grip you have around your life,
You won’t have to ever struggle again, once you let me help you die.”

III: Fear
It’s in this moment when Depression and Hopelessness bicker,
That Fear himself steps down and wanders slowly hither.
“What is this quarrel I hear?
Is it the gripping fingers of hell?
Oh my, oh my, you’ve seen this before!
Just accept it, you won’t prevail!
Beelzebub must have sent his scavenging minions into the dark where you can’t see.
Can you feel then running up your spine, the chills of Malevolent’s creed?

“It says ‘I will seek, kill, and destroy’ and there’s nothing you can do.
Fight or flight is all I can offer; the rest is up to you.
Whatever you choose,
Surely you will die.
So let me stay that thought
Deep inside your mind.
I will at least give you a chance, and let adrenaline into your veins,
But just keep my voice inside your ears, so forever I may reign.”

IV: Death
“It is I; I am He, the master and ruler of Fate.”
Says the one who never gives and always takes away.
“Come with me, sweet precious life.
Let me soak in your health.
Just before I strip it from you,
Like drawing water from a well.
I shall wrap my emaciated fingers around the bones within your neck,
Or perhaps I’ll pour in some hungry virus that will happily infect.”

“Journey deep into my wanton eyes, and return forever lost.
Did you believe someone paid your price, or that there is no remaining cost?
Depression is the first step
On a pathway to beyond.
I am the last face you’ll see
Before your soul moves on.
Surrender now and feel your blood turn cold beneath your skin,
Now say goodbye to the world you know, because you won’t return again.”

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