I wish I had wings
To fly away from darkness and pain
But I have no wings nor can I run from the pain
The pain is an alarm to tell me
That something is wrong
But how can I deal with the pain?
Is there a better way?
It is said there’s a man
Who knows the way out?
So I decided to seek this man
To show me the way out
The day came that I met the man
And he guided me to a gate
It is a narrow gate to enter in
For I must give up everything
So I do and enter in
What do I find behind the gate?
A pathway made especially for me
I see a dry creek bed with many broken stones
Stones that will bloody my feet
So I look for a better way
But there is none

My eyes are still on
The sharp stones
This causes fear to set in
Before I entered the gate there was pain
My reason for entering the gate
Was to get rid of pain
So I sat at the edge of the path
Wondering what to do
Then I heard a still small voice
Calling my name to follow him
I am still focusing on the pain
But the voice is still calling
Time goes by and still I am
Sitting at the edge wondering how
To walk the path that was set before me
Then again that voice wakens me
To follow him
He tells me that he laid the path for me
I ask him how I follow a pathway filled with pain
The voice replies
Place your feet on the bloody path
That I created for you
My grace is all you need
Richard H. Baldwin 2015

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