Patience Waits

Patience Waits
Bored, neglected, & ignored.
Bitterness & conclusion is stored.
Show me who is boss.
Marry me no matter what the cost.
Make a promise about me you will forever care.
To stay in my life & always be there.

Everything about you I could know I already learned.
I have noticed your concern.
Too much sunshine my skin will burn.
You have become my sole attraction.
There is competition.
A minor distraction.
In the end I will get your reaction.

Good luck charms...
Wrap around me your arm.
My love is disarmed.
By your presence my senses are alarmed.
You are handsome, tall, & strong.
I am completely seduced by your charm.
I see trust in his eyes.
An intelligent mind that is wise.
His smile enchants & I am mesmerized.
An image like the light of the first sunrise.
Magical & sacred.
Blessed & without hatred.
You are absolutely the best.
You pass the test.
My mind relaxes & my fears put to rest.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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