Patient Is The Key That Rock Achievement

In the race of life, be patient and steady
For the path to success is often unsteady
Sometimes the road is filled with strife
But remember, the best things take time

The storm may rage and the winds may blow
But hold on tight and don't let go
For in the midst of the chaos and unrest
Lies the beauty that is truly the best

So be patient and trust in the process
Even when it feels like an endless regress
For in the end, it will all make sense
And you'll find the joy and recompense

Give time some time, let it unfold
For the treasures of life are not easily sold
So keep the faith and never lose heart
For patience is truly an art

So wherever you go, whatever you do
Remember to be patient and trust in you
For in the end, you'll find the best
And realize it was worth the test.

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