Patient Love

As I sit on the floor,
I know this is strike number four.
Hope do I that you see it for what it is, persistence,
As a retort to your negligence.
Alas, you may think,
'He is not good enough for me'.
And you could be right,
For I would be well lucky to have you as my light.
But withstand the eons, will my love.
When those men have left you torn,
And time doesn't love you anymore,
I will still be here knocking at your door.

You do not give me face,
But that doesn't even leave me fazed.
You might not like me now, I know that.
I'm sure you even hate me, that's why you treat me like trash.
I am willing to receive your insults,
And give you a smile as my result.
Whereas his love is tentative,
My affection for you is decisive.
My desire for you is divine.
Their love of you is disguised.
The need I have for you is pure,
Because I'm in love with you. That I am sure.

You are a paradigm of perfection.
The epitome of attraction.
When you smile, the world's heart skips a beat,
And so does the heart that belongs to me.
I know you have eyes elsewhere,
And I understand you don't want me near.
But I will always be there,
Should you need me in times of fear.
Love hurts when it's not reciprocated,
But it's worse if it was never emanated.
And if in the end you still don't love me, that's okay.
I am glad I loved you anyways.

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Love is patient