Patient Persistance

They sit on a mountain as the sun sets over a sea. The two sit and
talk as they stare into each other's eyes. He cant help but go silent
as she begins to weep quietly. He brushes back her hair and wipes away
a tear or two; he gently wraps his arms around her and asks,"What is
the cause of the tears that fall from your amazing eyes?" She gathers
herself to get out the pain of the words she hides behind her painful
eyes. "I'm afraid...afraid of this; I don't want to lose what this is
between us. It is too hard to move on. I love you too much to hurt
you..." He looks at her and starts to smile as he places a gentle
kiss on her cheek. "You are my best friend and I love you to the
heavens and back. I want nothing more than what we share now, baby.
The love I feel for you is as bright as the biggest star in the sky,
but I must learn patience is a virtue, as it means everything-more
than anything in the world." He continues on, "How you make me feel
will never change what we have you see? This is too special to break;
and honestly, if you walk out, my life is done without you since you
stole my heart." "I cherish you too much to lose what we have today-
but remember, my arms are open when your ready to fall into them,
and feel the love I try to show you every day." She smiles back as she
feels the world lift off her shoulders, as she rests her head on his
shoulder and they watch the light fade away to the starry night.

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This Poems Story

To my friends of Pawhuska, thank you for your kind words. I wouldn't be here without my parents and God, of course. Much love to my family that supported my skills. Special thanks to my cousins Sammie Reeves and Keleigh Driscoll, and friends Rachel Kennedy, Ashley Crowley, and Scotty Marioth. This inspiration of this poem goes to one person-all credit goes to Ericka "Domino" Bellis. She is my best friend and will always have a special place in my heart. I hope I struck a chord in her heart like she has in mine. I'll always love her!