Is it bad that I really have nothing to say?
That I don’t feel anything?
That while the world & all of its inhabitants
move about chaotically with no direction,
I just stay still.
This is nothing new to me,
staying still that is.
I’ve once stayed still for so long
that I felt that I fell victim to Medusa’s glare.
Maybe that’s why I have no words to say,
nothing at all.
Because amidst all the noise
I’ve somehow learned to stay quiet.
But before,
I was getting louder.
I was moving.
But now I have to look into her eyes again
I have to prick my finger on the spinning wheel
I have to stay still.
And I will continue until she looks into the mirror
Until I’m awaken
Until the world obtains a compass to help reveal a path
Until I can start moving again.
Until I have something to say,
anything at all.

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