Every day Patrick was tormented
about the additional layers of his skin.
Slapped by the cruel phrases bullies invented
and kicked by the foul words learned from their kin.

On one fateful day during the month of May,
Patrick ran and ran as far as his lungs would allow.
Fleeing like a scared prey
until he surrendered, knowing it was the end now.

Hair blocked his face as it turned tomato red;
while tears fell like the slow drizzle before a storm.
His thoughts turned dark thinking he should drop dead,
when a friendly face came into view amidst the swarm.

“Learn to love the parts that no one claps for.”
Her wise warm words flowed through Patrick's mind
as his heart grew with a hope he has never felt before,
but wary of venom concealed in a message so kind.

“Go ahead. Insult me like the others,” he tested
as the boy’s face crumpled with frustration.
“You seem lonely. Maybe you need a friend” she insisted
and what followed was friendship, a beautiful creation.

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