Patriotic American


Will we win, or will we lose?
The choice is yours what will you choose?
This isn't a game, your decision decides our fate...
Are we each others enemy, or one another's mate?
Do you love yourself and those around you?
Time is running out, what will you do?
Carefully weigh all the factors involved
It really is the only way for this mess to be solved!
Instant gratification only lasts a short while
Fight for our freedom, or flow communist style
Don't let the media get in to your head
If you don't choose wisely your decision you'll dread
Sift through the lies uncover the true tale
Keep digging and uncovering the truth will prevail!
Stay true to your heart seek what needs to be sought
This is our battle it needs to be fought
Don't fold under pressure remain undivided
That's our true measure we have decided
Stand by others, rescuing those who don't understand
The meaning, behind being, a true Patriotic American!

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