Patriotic Love Affair

He conveys emotion in red, white, and blue€"a patriotic love
affair; committed and prideful in what he adores, he romanticizes
the ideology of "what is freedom?". I've found that it tastes like
Wild Turkey, and smells like firewood and sodden grass. Mid-May
under indigo. a starless twilight; for all the constellations settle
in his mouth. Each word he recites leaves me in wonder. He prefers
his roads open like the ending to all questions, all opportunity.

And I've never been with someone like him before; an All-American
breed of man. Texas stains his skin and tongue. He is heat waves,
brewing SWeat and drying out my mouth, and when I'm with
him, I resonate with the colors on the horizon. I am a sunset.
I too, am warmth.

Each kiss tastes like a loaded gun€"hot with anticipation,
or perhaps, danger. Power paves a forked road, tyranny or democracy.
I open all my doors. and it's either he storms all the rooms,
or roams the hallways€"running his fingers along the walls,
and admiring the pictures of past memories.

We can cast new shadows on the walls, float like we're apparitions
among man. We master the transparent; evidence left in fingerprints
and two a.m. vodka on his lips. He can trace his tongue along mine,
and speak to me through silence. He can't hear the fireworks
pounding in my chest, but they're enough to shake the sky.

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