Minds numbed with indoctrination
Smiles and eyes full of nothingness
Emotion is so queer
We are taught to obey without thought
Mad men return mad men from their wars of supremacy
Smiles and eyes full of nothingness
Unable to feel anything, they are forced to obey without thought
To be patriotic is to obey your masters
Live how they say, die when they say
Our lives belong to capitalists; they are on sale
When we obey we are lost
We must choose how to live, when to die
No country, no company owns you; we are not for sale
Forget "the man" and Uncle Sam!
The rich send the poor to die, and the poor call it patriotism
Why should we support your wars
Since when is genocide patriotic?
One million people dead
slaughtered by the rich in the name of patriotism
How could we support your wars?
But wait, don't question: It's not patriotic

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