Paying Homage to: Mother

Most benevolent attitude is possessed in you throughout
Oh! extraordinary nature is thine despite your child's tendency
Tenderness is thy heart even in worse situations that come across
Hallmark you are, being affable always with your own creation
Ecstasy of joy you feel, when you nourish and feed your children
Rainfall thing like is your true love that soothes thy children

Rigorous torture is undergone with dying pain for a live birth
Everlasting motherhood is thine even surpassing to the crooked
Hats off Ma! "How could I be silent without an applause to you?"
Temple is your heart in times of calamity to your offspring
Ocean is thy heart to digest plenty of mistakes of your creation
Mesmerizing spirit is embodied in you to mold your children

Mom! Forgiving tendency towards your children is truly a wonder!
Offering quality all the times is your real property indeed
Toiled you are, ever and ever in spite of your child's behavior
Healing words are poured upon your children in times of disaster
Encouraging trend is thine towards your produce in their disgust
Rooted with such virtues in abundance, why don't Ye be an Immortal?

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This Poems Story

I take delight in poetry. Poetry is recollected in tranquility. This poem is dedicated to my dead mother. She died only due to the negligent attitude of the doctor in my homeland when I was at just fourteen years. So, I beseech each and every doctor to take care and save "mother" as long as they can, with utmost reverence.