I keep watching the sky through the night
maybe there is peace in sight
why cover their mistakes
when they destroy through their last escape
Its been nineteen years
and still no birthday cake
Dont you feel the pain of that orphan child?
Dont you hear the cries of that widow mom?
I guess collateral damage does not count for their sake
you shoot with no direction
and that widow mom dies with no reaction
WE aim for peace
but we still destroy without any leash
day after day
violated souls scatter through the world
to recover some of the time they lived without their freedom
chased from their motherland
into no mans land
to the dessert
where survival is out of the question
thirst and hunger collided under their feet
they walk their last days without any options
night after night they burry their kids with tears in their eyes
knowing that they better off dead
then live this dreadful life
that day will come
when their prayers will be answered
the day that peace will knock through the door
to tell them its a bright peaceful dawn

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