I dreamed last night it was so peaceful and calm. Alanna was there I've missed her since she's been gone. We walked in a forest where the was ground covered in leaves. She told me of her new home to beautiful to believe. She ask me to stop crying that she's always at my side. That not for one second has she left since she died. She said that there's a place that's been dark inside my heart. She needs me to fix it and showed me where to start. As she held my hand she said your hurting and I know. But you won't find any peace until you let me go. As I started crying she said just know I'm always here. She was pointing at my heart what it holds is always real. We sit beneath a tree that offered us some shade. She said you must be strong and stop being afraid. God has showed me tomorrow and all it holds for you. He see's you with my sister's and all is so brand new. He told me that your falling and soon will lose your way. That's why I'm here so I can help you up today. Don't be sad that I've gone and let my memory start to fade. As you face each tomorrow it'll be the foundation you had made. Soon we'll be together as she slipped out of my hand. God has you momma that's always been his plan. As I wiped the tears that had fallen from my eyes. I awoke from my dream as she whispered I love you please don't cry. I sat up in my bed I quickly grabbed my chest. As i gave it all to God so my baby can finally rest.

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