Peace Alludes Me

From where will peace come for me?
My abusers are still among the living
When will they return to the pit from which they were spawned?
A pit that burns with brimstone
For they continue to prey upon the innocent
Looking for whom they can devour
My heart cries out for peace, however as long as my
abusers stand erect
I have no peace
Peace eludes me as the sun gives way to darkness
My abusers stand and wait for every opportunity
to spew their venom
to which there is not antidote but death itself
Death is not for the righteous, but for the un-righteous
When will the earth open up to receive the venomous
that haunts me in my dreams?
Will I be sorrowful for the absence of the ones
that come from the pit?
I think not
For from the absence of evil peace will reign

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